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Independent Living Support

Hourly, Half Day & Full Day

Rates Available

Companion or Personal Care  

Services Available

Examples of companion services include light housekeeping, meal preparation, and local errands. This may also include life enrichment activities. 

Examples of personal care services includes assistance with bathing, grooming, feeding or mobility. 

(CNA / PCA )

Initial assessment required to determine what type of care best serves the client's needs and abilities.

Consultation is provided at no charge.

Caregiver assignment will be based on client's physical / cognitive abilities, with periodic reassessment required to insure appropriate level of care.

Services may be scheduled on a regular or reoccurring basis, or as needed, and combination care is available for clients who could benefit from both companion and personal care services.

*Ask about special pricing for clients who only need assistance with bathing / grooming activities. Hygiene Visits that include bathing assistance and a linen change may be sufficient for families concerned about limited mobility or post-surgery needs.


Concierge Services

Hourly, Half Day & Full Day

Rates Available

Medical Concierge or Recreational Companion Services Available

Examples of concierge services include transportation and accompanied outings or appointments. 

 A Medical Concierge is familiar with health resource navigation and care planning. This service is meant for clients with chronic conditions, multiple specialists, or ongoing treatment that requires coordination or management. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with memory issues or for families who are unable to accompany a loved one to appointments due to work schedules or other demands. 

Recreational concierge services include activities, events, or travel based on the client's physical abilities and interests. 

Services may be scheduled on a regular or reoccurring basis, or as needed.  

Overnight travel is available with appropriate notice. Client will be responsible for expenses associated with companion's lodging and meals.


Resolution Services 

Project or Hourly

Rates Available

  Resource Navigation, Clerical and 

Advocacy Services Available 


3 Hr. Minimum Applies 

Examples include insurance claims / benefits / collections  navigation and resolution assistance. 

Medicare / Medicaid consulting services are meant for clients who may not understand their benefits or the requirements related to long term care. We can assist you with your questions and suggest appropriate resources based on your specific situation.

Resource navigation is offered for clients who are seeking services that may not be readily identifiable or accessible in their own community. We have a list of resources, and a longer list of contacts. Let us help you find what you need.       

Advocacy services are meant for clients with issues they don't know how to navigate, such as insurance claims, tax or legal notices, or real property matters. Many seniors are fearful of transactions and vendors due to the prevalence of  fraud. Our trusted referral partners are vetted and sensitive to the needs of our community's seniors. We're happy to accompany you every step of the way to offer the guidance and reassurance necessary for your peace of mind.


Medical Concierge Services



This is designed for families with loved ones who have frequent appointments, multiple physicians and / or chronic conditions that require coordination and communication. Notes are taken at these appointments and conveyed to the appropriate providers and care participants.   

These services are available for seniors living independently or in assisted living!


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